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business branding mistake to avoid

No. 1 Business Branding Mistake to Avoid

Your brand identity is the most crucial part of your business branding and misconceiving some of the basic ground realities can lead to horrendous problems for your business. You want that powerful brand which converts clients easily and conveys your message aptly but something is holding you back. What is it?

I really wish I could go to each and every person doing this grim mistake and shake them to let them know how awful this is going to affect their business. This is the worst thing you could do for your brand in the name of branding your business.

If you are a fresh start-up, a Solopreneur, or you have your own personal brand please (insert many more please here) DO NOT make this mistake. It’s going to seriously hinder your success as a start-up, entrepreneur etc

So what is that dire mistake you should run miles away from?


Confusing personal branding with business branding.


What do I mean by this?

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What most of us do is: we like a certain color so we decide to use it in our branding. We have a certain natural way of talking so we decide to speak that way in our videos, for example. This goes on and on. We like to integrate our likes into our business branding. Right? You can totally relate, can’t you? Let me dig into the nitty-gritty details for you.

business branding mistake to avoid f

Why hustle for those colors?

You must be tired of hearing brand strategists and designers emphasizing colors time and again. Here’s the actual deal, the COLORS are the first thing that our brain perceives through the vision captured by our eyes. When you see a certain object, your brain will first process the colors before processing any other detail of the object.

I don’t know if many of us realize that colors influence our perceptions that are not obvious, for example, you make a mental perception about the taste of the food just by looking at its colors.

Similarly, people make a mental perception of your service or business just by looking at its colors, most importantly the colors used in your logo. Colors can influence people’s emotions, although it can vary from person to person and gender to gender.

People tend to relate the colors of your brand with the kind of service you provide. If they can relate the colors and your brand it automatically plants a seed in their minds, which based on other factors, grows into a tree of trust.

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A few examples to help you out

One of my clients wanted a very energetic feeling in their branding and so we decided on a change of images and colors on their website. When we were all done she came up with the idea of putting everything down and using a grey color everywhere. I personally have nothing against this color but grey is a neutral color. You won’t find it as the primary color in many designs but as a complementary color, it does quite well. Her website now gave nothing energetic or full of life kind of feeling instead it looked somewhat laid. So chose your colors wisely.

You can choose the color you wish to and use it seldom in your branding and instead use a complimentary color if it goes well.

If your branding colors are not in align with the message you want to deliver through your brand you won’t be attracting the right kind of clients.


Why are the first 3 seconds important?

People take on average 3 seconds to decide if they are going to stick to your website or not. It’s not me saying that there is a whole lot of science and research behind it.

You find visitors coming from other websites, perhaps social media ( Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram). What is the first thing they observe about you? Your colors and your message. So if these two things are not in aligned with your brand you have your prospect customers leaving you even before they get to know you better.


Why is the business vision important?

If you haven’t still thought about your business vision or your value proposition statement yet, I would encourage you to read my previous blog post on How to brand Yourself When  Starting Your Business.  You’ll learn how you can build a strong vision, a strong message for your brand and what are the essentials you should be following right in the beginning.

If you are of the opinion that you don’t need a vision or a message then bear that in mind this is exactly what’s going to hold you back. You won’t find any meaningful business in the world without a vision. Apple’s vision is to bring the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world.

Starbucks mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit- one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

Ferrari’s vision is to make unique sports cars that represent the finest Italian design and craftsmanship, both on track and on the road.

Can you feel the brevity and authenticity of these companies’ vision statements? How in a few words they build that trust and make you feel comfortable with their brand? That’s the power of having a strong vision and mission.

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How do we confuse personal and business branding?

If you are a very kind and soft-spoken person and your brand speaks of freedom and power, you won’t be all soft and kind when you brand your business because it demands authority and power. Your voice should reflect what your brand is, not who you are.  

Your colors, your fonts, your graphics should all depict the tone of your brand and not your tone.

If you are portraying your business in your personal voice and it’s contrary to your business’s message, you are making the no. 1 branding mistake.

Consider this, you have two different businesses, are you going to put the same images, the same graphics, the same colors, the same voice on both of them? NO!

How do you imagine people to identify your business as something unique if you are literally cloning another business’s colors, voice, tone and everything?

I have been running two different businesses simultaneously.  If you visit my website and then if you visit my partner’s website, they are two different worlds. The voice, the message, the tone is entirely different.

I have a really funky and luxuriously elaborate color theme on my personal branding and designing website. I really feel pride in myself that I do not abide by the rules of the industry.

My other website is more focused on beauty and women in general. The fonts colors and layouts there reflect that blog’s message which is entirely different from my personal message.


How much of your personality should be a part of your brand?

In the end, your brand is yours after all and you can not just filter out every aspect of you out of it. So yes you do need some aspects of you in your brand but they should completely go with your brand and should never, in any case, overpower the brand.

I have a very funky and jolly personality, I love to crack jokes on everything. I do use this funky side of me in my branding but not to the extent that it overpowers my message.

On the other hand, my branding uses purple and golden even though I am not that big of a fan of golden color. It’s a color I would seldom choose for myself but it goes well with my brand and so it is a part of it.

No one is going to trust a brand that is not portraying it’s message right.



  1. Know your colors when you are branding your business. Your colors should reflect your brand and not your personality.
  2. Your first 3 seconds are crucial: be vigilant of your colors, fonts, theme, and message being portrayed. It should go really well with your brand and clients should be easily able to relate to them.
  3. If your personality goes well with your business then you don’t really have any problems with confusing your brand with your personality.
  4. Work on your business vision and message that you wish to convey to your clients.
  5. Have a sound understanding of your business and differentiate it from your other businesses.
  6. We DO need to bring our personality into our brand, but not to the extent that it OVERPOWERS the brand!



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