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How to Get a Clean & Professional Logo in 5 Mins For FREE

Hey hey hey guys!!!

In this tutorial, I’m gonna share with you an easy way to get your logo done by yourself.

I understand the importance of a clean and professional logo design but a lot of time when we start a business, we don’t have the budget for it, right? I totally get it!!!

Of course, we don’t need to spend thousand dollars on a logo, it’s crazy, it’s stupid so a lot of people end up hiring some unprofessional people who deliver something yukie. (Sorry, not sorry. I have had TONS of clients who were really frustrated with these dudes so really shame on them!!)

I think it’s better to just go ahead and do it yourself. Because why should we spend money on that frustration hunhh?!

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What do you need to get a clean professional logo?

The 2 things you are gonna need to make a clean professional logo are:

  1. Canva.com account (Free account)
  2. Your brand colors

What’s Next?

Once you are in your dashboard, click on the ‘Logo’ under the marketing materials and it will open in a new tab.

Now, they have like a huge gallery of logo samples so just go ahead and explore.

Please check out the below video for a more detailed walkthrough tutorial:

You can play around and change colors and font styles according to your brand.

There are many options for the logo designs.

If any logo resonates with you but it’s of any other market like Food Company or something, just change the icon and colors and you are GOOD TO GO. 😀

To find icons, go to the elements section on the right sidebar & select icon options or any shapes by selecting the shape option.

Just remember to make it quick and simple (secret to a clean professional logo).

I did it in like five minutes. Go ahead and take your time do it on ten minutes, half an hour or even a day. For me, it was very easy because I have my colors already decided according to my brand and audience that I am talking to.

clean professional logo


Please bear in mind these 3 points before making that perfect logo for yourself:

  1. This is just a temporary solution – nothing can replace the worth of professionally designed logo by a designer.
  2. Check the license of the elements before using – Canva may sue you for using the elements for commercial use if they are available for personal use only. So, do check the license to avoid getting into trouble.
  3. JPEG & PNG images don’t go well everywhere – again as soon as you can afford a designer go ahead and get a “vector” logo. That is what will give best results even when you place it in the smallest of places like business cards or huge ones like banners. 🙂

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Last Note:

I would really encourage you to go ahead and decide your colors first because the colors are more important than a logo. People don’t realize it, but if you are going to use very intense colors and your branding is sweet and friendly, you are never gonna attract your ideal client.! The converse is also 100% true.

Your branding voice should always go along with your colors, fonts, logo and your website and with everything. I have a FREE PDF guide that covers 9 steps to 6-figure branding – it will walk you through steps which you can D.I.Y. and do it like in merely 7 days. These are exactly the same steps I take with my premium clients (but in that case I do all the designing myself & provide worksheets.)

Go ahead and check it out by clicking the image below.

And if you like this tutorial please share it with your community & let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Guide to 6-Figure Branding


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