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How to Name a Brand

How to Name a Brand

The struggle is real! “Naming a brand” is a question I see popping up all the time in online business communities & everyone has different opinions, of course.

But are all opinions correct? How do we know? This process gets EXTREMELY frustrating, you know!

I was there the longest, in fact, when we first started our blog AimzFolio, me and my sisters spent an eternity figuring out the name, and boy was that confusing!!!!

Of course, I was not into branding at that time, I wish I were because the secret sauces in this post can drastically shorten the timestamp of the process!

Naming a Brand:

Before jumping into naming, I want you to consider this concept:

“It’s not the PERFECT ONE who gets the attention, it’s the DIFFERENT ONE!”

Every industry is crowded. CHECK!

Every business face competition. CHECK!

Everyone wanna stand out. CHECK!

So, how do we achieve that?

By being different. SIMPLE!

Now, what does this have to do with naming a brand?

It has got EVERYTHING to do with brand name.

Its the first brick of your potentially powerful & successful brand!

So, how do you become different?

Step 1: Research your market

Every industry has a trend, find that trend and BREAK IT! Go the opposite direction of the conventional brand naming to convince people what you are really made of!

Step 2: Remember why you are different

The only way to truly stand out is by owning your uniqueness. Don’t fall into inspiration syndrome, let’s say you like a company name so much that you would like to have a similar one.

That’s a suicide mission. No one likes a copy, we have enough of those.

There are enough of each business, when you started there must be a unique reason to start, right? The ONE THING that you looooooove doing? Keep that in mind while you name your baby, I mean brand 😉 (my brand is, of course, my baby).

[bctt tweet=”The only way to truly stand out is by owning your uniqueness. Don’t fall into inspiration syndrome, let’s say you like a company name so much that you would like to have a similar one.” username=”brandingpotions”]

Step 3: Highlight the benefits

Wanna make the quickest connection with your audience? Just dive into the benefits of working with you/ following you. Go on! Directly convey the mission your brand stands for right in your name.

Let them know you are confident.

Let them know you are proud of what you do.

Let them know you are here to make this difference.

This will instantaneously attract the right people and repel the ones who are not meant to be your best audience and/or client – and that’s the whole point of RIGHT branding!

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Step 4: Make it memorable

How many times did you go to a site, read an article and closed the browser window, never going back?

We don’t want that for your brand.

We want them to stick around and be able to make enough connection to maybe come back, share with friends or at least remember it!

How do we achieve that?

By, first providing amazing value, of course, the natural progression is to check for the site name, if its memorable enough, they will stick around and explore, maybe even signup, contact you or come back in future – warm audience they call it in marketing remember?

I absolutely LOVE The Persuasion Revolution and Project Life Mastery as brand names. In a quick glance, they both make a connection. In fact, they are intriguing enough to hold audience attention to find out more about the brand – that’s what we need for your brand as well! We need people to be interested to know what you have got for them!


So you got them! They are really the secret sauces to any banging brand that serves the purpose of staying at top of people’s mind for their industry!!!

There are always a few problems here and there so let’s just highlight them here for you:

Problem 1: What if you LOVE your name

Okay, so this is a tough situation to be in! I know, I am OBSESSED with my name! I mean there is no name in this world I like more than mine. SERIOUSLY!!!

And that is the main reason, even after 1+0.5 years, my design business is still after my name.

BUT, as I have evolved & grown, and learned the benefits of a brand’s name, I am re-branding it with a new, more exciting name, exactly in-line with my brand!

So, comes Branding Potions!

So, I would suggest you do it.

IF YOU DON’T WANT TO, here is the trick:

Keep your name, and add something to it!

Like a word that defines your mission (check step 3) or that makes it memorable (check step 4).

And viola! You got a perfect name that serves its purpose and satisfies you. 😉

How to Name a Brand

Problem 2: Nothing works

When nothing works (and I was there, too lol), so when nothing works, keeping the above points in mind, make a list of words that would resonate with your market.

[bctt tweet=”You must have a good idea about who will benefit from your services and who you’d love to work with before you name your business.” username=”brandingpotions”]

Now pick the most powerful words and put them in this tool, just put in one word after the other and it will generate ideas for you.

Of course, some ideas make no sense and most will just feel frustrating, but this is exactly how we came up with AimzFolio name.

It’s a funny memory – we were exhausted by the choices and the ideas, so we searched on this tool (or maybe it was a different one, who knows it was 3 years ago), we were lying on couch, drinking tea, laughing out loud and really hating ourselves for not coming up with a single name!

We never actually ended up picking a name from the name generator itself BUT since it activated our creative brain cells, we came up with the name that actually served the best purpose for creating the kind of brand we wanted.

We had Aimz as the keyword, as it is short of my sister’s name (Aiman) and also because it is at par with our blog’s mission – spreading inspiration, hope, and motivation for action (there is, of course, the beauty part, too). Now, with all the suggestions from the tool, the name just popped up in our heads.

So try it, maybe you will get one name from there, or maybe your activated brain cells will produce one. 😉

So, there you have it!

Amazing ideas to totally make the strongest connection with your audience right from the beginning!

If you have some more delicious ideas, PLEASE let me know in the comments down below. 🙂

OR just hit me up with a question, and I will make sure to answer it for you!

Good luck with your brand’s name, YOU GOT THIS!!!


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