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website before 100k business

Do you Need a Website Before you Make $100k in Your Business?

Hey hey hey guys!!!

Welcome to a REALLY VERY controversial post that I ever did 😉

Well, this topic when I raised in a Facebook group really pissed some people off & they went to the limit of pointing fingers at me & getting so rude that I had to tell them to stop and that I am a peaceful person, I’d rather discuss it friendly.

Now, I am not saying that everyone opposed me.

In fact, about 80% of the commenters said that they already had a website when they made their $100k.

And 60% of them said that they didn’t make a single dime before launching their own website.

Isn’t this exciting? (Tell me in the comments and tell me that this kind of controversies excites you as much as they excite me 😉 )

Alright, so I will go ahead and share the summary of those debates + fun + my own opinion on this.

1) A website is the ONLY Thing We Own on the Internet!

I can talk about this whole night, but I really wanna save your time so sharing the quickest example to make it clear.

You don't own anything but your website - Facebook never backs you

This is a snippet from my Facebook page notifications.

I have NO idea who this guy is and he gave a 2-star review to my page.

Now, the visitor of the page is gonna think I provide such low-value services while the reality is: this person just some attention seeker who found my page liked it and instantly gave a review.

Long story short: When I tried to talk to him, he didn’t understand English aaannnnnnddd Facebook reporting didn’t work & they never removed this review.

website before 100k business

What is Your Point Unaiza?

Okay, so the point -> you cannot control social media or other platforms that allow us to display our portfolio, products, courses or whatever.

The above is not the biggest deal since I already have happy clients’ reviews.

BUT, these are big deals:

  1. A lot of time as soon as the policies of a platform changes they start banning accounts.
  2. A lot of YouTubers closed their channels in 2017 because their sole revenue in business was coming through Ads & YouTube changed its policies.
  3. If a company goes bankrupt your entire business setup goes down with it (don’t think it’s impossible with any platform, look what happened to Nokia when it was originally considered the king of mobile devices.)
  4. Haters/competitors report Facebook accounts through many profiles and Facebook closes the pages/profiles having thousands of followers.

If you think I am making this all up, do some research, these are the examples I have witnessed myself in 26 years of my life, I am sure my father can add loads to this list. 😉

2) No, I am not talking about a $2,000 Website!

As much as I LOVE designing, I do not believe that hiring a designer right in the beginning is the right thing to do.

  • In fact, a huge amount of the commenters on my post said that they had a really crappy website before they made their first $50k.
  • If you are a designer, of course, you are gonna do it before making those $50k before people are gonna judge your skills.

Just go ahead and DIY a WordPress or SquareSpace site or hire a VA or some designer who is starting off and willing to do it at a small price. (I did some websites for people in the start for as low as $25, so I am sure you will get someone, too.)

3) There are Always Exceptions 🙂

If your target market does not hang out on the internet, probably you don’t even need any kind of web presence at all.

Final Note:

Whether you are a small business owner or own a fortune 500 company, the internet opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you. It will be foolish not to avail those opportunities & while you are at it, build your authority by fully utilizing the only thing on the internet that you own.

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